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May 25,2018

Cuts and grazes are common injuries that can be treated at home.A wound is when the skin is fully broken and a graze is when the top layer of the skin is scraped off. Both the conditions are easily treatable at home. All you need to do is follow a few instructions that would help improve the situation.


May 24,2018

Although a common issue, a dogís bite should not be overlooked. A dogís bite can be more or less severe; depending on the size of the dog and its intention. In some situations, dog bites carry an extra risk of infection. One of the well known diseases, carried by dogs is rabies. This is usually carried in infected animalís saliva.


May 8,2018

A migraine headache is a common and severe persistent headache that lasts for a long time. The real reason behind this medical condition is still not known, however 6% of males and 18% of females suffer from this health issue. Sometime, the pain becomes severe and it gets difficult to manage the situation. This is when you need proper first aid care so that you can get rid of the pain, faster. Learning first aid and CPR courses online can help you manage emergency situation in a better way.


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