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First Aid Treatment For Dog Bites
May 24,2018

Although a common issue, a dogís bite should not be overlooked. A dogís bite can be more or less severe; depending on the size of the dog and its intention. In some situations, dog bites carry an extra risk of infection. One of the well known diseases, carried by dogs is rabies. This is usually carried in infected animalís saliva.

Whatever the situation is, treating dog bite is important. If left untreated, you may suffer a serious infection. Before the medical help arrives, you can treat the condition with first aid at home. Here are a few first aid tips for you;

Firstly, you need to use clean water to wash the infected area thoroughly. If possible, pour on a few drops of antiseptic product in the water to clean the area.

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Secondly, cover the area with a sterile wound dressing. If the bleeding is severe, apply direct pressure and call for medical help.

If you found that there is a risk of infection or the wound seems to be serious, call for medical help. In such a scenario, the casualty may require injection to be protected from rabies virus.

Mostly, dog bites are treated at home. But in some scenario, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that the victim can experience faster recovery.

It is highly recommended that you attend an online or practical first aid course and learn how to help in a medical emergency. Immediate Response in Sunshine Coast, Australia provides quality CPR and First Aid training along with some added benefits.