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First Aid for Dehydration
February 14,2018

Dehydration is a medical condition that occurs when someone loses more fluid in body than they take in. Young children and aged people are likely to get dehydrated more easily. The best way to treat this condition is to motivate them to drink lots and lots of water. But lack of water is not the only reason responsible for this condition; afternoon fatigue is also a common reason to check with.

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If you know someone who is having this health problem frequently, you can apply first aid tricks and help him get well soon.

Before starting with the tricks, itís better you take a glance of the symptoms that might help you understand the situation better.

∑ Thirsty Mouth
∑ Vomiting
∑ Headache
∑ Sleepiness
∑ Constipation
∑ Dry Skin

First Aid Tips for Dehydration

∑ As a first aid provider, your first task will be to hydrate the person suffering from dehydration. Mild dehydration can be treated with the intake of water.

∑ Make sure you motivate your child to drink water or sports drink. Sports drinks are good for replacing electrolytes and salt lost through sweating.

∑ Your responsibility will be to make the person drink 13 glasses of water every day. For the woman, 9 liters of water is okay.

∑ If theyíve any painful cramps, encourage them to take rest, help them massage and stretch their muscles.

∑ Provide them with oral rehydration solution to drink so that they get a quick relief.

∑ If vomiting occur, itís better to use clear fluids to rehydrate.

∑ Give extra fluids in frequent, especially if the child is vomiting.

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