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Is It Normal to Bleed During Pregnancy?
November 16,2018

CPR is extremely important to tackle any medical emergency until professional medical aid arrives. But it is highly essential to know that, CPR should be performed by individuals who are trained in it. Today, we are here to discuss CPR during pregnancy. Remember, if you are not trained on the same, you can enroll yourself for a CPR course in sunshine coast and choose your flexible time slot to complete the same.

Talking about bleeding during pregnancy. If a woman, suffers from severe pain, or has heavy vaginal bleeding or frequent contractions, it is an emergency. So, do not forget to call medical emergency services immediately. In the meanwhile, to handle the situation CPR can be performed on the following grounds.

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  • Monitor bleeding
  • To monitor vaginal bleeding, it is important to place a sanitary napkin or panty liner to keep a track of blood loss.

  • Avoid Additional Bleeding
  • To do so, it is important to remember that, it is not advisable to insert anything in the vagina. No sex, or even tampons.

  • Seek Help
  • Like mentioned initially, without any delay call for medical help.

    Pre-intimate the doctor or the hospital staff about the pregnant lady’s condition. Give them an idea about her health status like, bleeding, pain, cramps or contractions.

    Following these few precautionary steps can prove to be very beneficial in saving the life of the mother and child.