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Treating Migraine Headaches in Children
May 8,2018

A migraine headache is a common and severe persistent headache that lasts for a long time. The real reason behind this medical condition is still not known, however 6% of males and 18% of females suffer from this health issue. Sometime, the pain becomes severe and it gets difficult to manage the situation. This is when you need proper first aid care so that you can get rid of the pain, faster. Learning first aid and CPR courses online can help you manage emergency situation in a better way.

Therefore, to help you people out there, we’ve come up with some easy to follow first aid tips when encounter migraine headaches.

But before starting with the tips, take a quick glance at the signs and symptoms of this health condition for your good;


  • Chronic headaches
  • Nausea
  • Increased sensitivity to bright light
  • Severe episodic headache
  • Increased sensitivity to sound and loud noise
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Difficulty in sleeping


First Aid Treatment

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In many scenarios, it is not possible for the person to check with a doctor immediately. If your child has been diagnosed with migraine, here are some tips to follow:;


  • Give acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain
  • Apply cool compress or ice pack to forehead
  • Make the child feel comfortable by allowing him/ her to lie down in a cool and dark room
  • Let the child take deep and calming breaths
  • Have someone to massage your scalp
  • A moderate amount of caffeine can be consumed
  • Massage the tense muscles of shoulder, neck, and back of the head
  • Go for a warm bath to relax the body
  • Avoid eating foods like cheese, alcohol and chocolates
  • Perform some relaxation techniques like deep breathing


If your condition is still not improving, it’s high time you call a doctor for medical help. When it comes to child’s health, you shouldn’t take any risk. If headache is accompanied by stiffness, weakness of limbs, vomiting and difficulty in speaking, immediately call the doctor