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What Should be Possible Ways For a Broken Ankel Leg
September 27,2018

Let us begin with understanding what is a broken ankle? Well, when a bone is broken or cracked into multiple pieces, it is known as a fracture. There can be various reasons for the same, like sports injury, accident, violent trauma etc.

Remember, at times these broken bones cannot be life threating, but they require immediate medical help and or first aid. However, to understand the situation and react responsibly, it is highly essential to understand the symptoms of a broken bone.


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Below Mentioned Symptoms Essentially Need Attention


  • Intense or unbearable pain especially when the person tries to move
  • Numb injured area
  • Bluish-blackish skin, swelling and a visible deformity
  • Protruding bone
  • Heavy bleeding

    When you as an individual happen to witness any or a few of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is vital to give first aid to the victim till medical help arrives. However, following are the ways in which the injured person can be helped.


    Control Bleeding In case the wound bleeds heavy, raise the area and add pressure on the wound making use of a sterile bandage or a clean piece of cloth or clothing.


    Immobilize the injury area If the person is suspected of broken a bone in the neck or back, it is wise to let them not move. Keep the patient as still as possible. Same goes for broken bones in other parts of the body.


    Cold treatment If available, an ice pack can be wrapped to the injured area and held for about 10 minutes. This will help relive some pain.


    911 It is very important to stay alert during such situations. Do not forget to call 911.


    Pro tip - In many cases the injured person appears to have loss of breath or goes unconscious. In such times it is important to begin with CPR to keep the person going until professional medical help arrives.


    Remember, CPR is very important. It can help save humanity. To be of good help to someone who needs it, it is important for all of us to learn CPR techniques in a professional manner. There are various CPR courses made available. at Sunshine Coast, you can avail any one of them as per your convenience.


    Do it for a good cause. It can help your family and humans in many ways.